Canoe vs Kayak


Canoes vs Kayaks – Which one is the right choice for you? If you are new to paddling, then trying to choose between … Read more

Family Canoe review

Best family canoe

Getting out on the water canoeing is a great way to create lovely family memories. We weigh up the pros and cons of suitable family canoes

Best Canoe for Fishing

Best Fishing Canoe

Fishing takes on a whole new experience when it’s done from a canoe. But which one to choose?

Kayak Camping

Canoe Camping & Kayak Camping

Combining camping with canoeing or kayaking is a fantastic experience. However, there’s many things to consider as we guide you through the adventure

Solo Canoes

Best Solo Canoe

Looking to paddle solo? We talk you through the pros and cons in our top 5 buying guide

square stern canoes

Best Square Stern Canoe

So you want the option of attaching a motor to your canoe? We review 5 suitable canoes with flat sterns

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