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Kings of Adventure offers a unique blend of insights, guidance, and expertise in outdoor activities and adventure travel. Dive into our wealth of knowledge, where extensive research meets personal expertise and experience to help you make the most of your time outdoors.


Our mission is straightforward yet profound: to inspire millions of people across all continents to disconnect from the digital maze and reconnect with nature. We believe in the power of the outdoors as a therapeutic medium, and we’re passionate about helping you discover it.

How We Aim to Fulfill Our Mission

By crafting and inspiring with:

  • Comprehensive informational guides and how-to tutorials.
  • Thorough equipment, destination, and activity reviews.
  • Engaging video explainers where they make sense.

Our Story

Kingsofadventure.com was born in 2018, out of a genuine concern for the increasing digital distractions faced by today’s generation. Our founder’s journey from observing his children’s virtual immersion to celebrating the joy of outdoor bonding is the bedrock of our story.

The Founder’s Background and Motivation for Starting KoA

Mark, our founder, isn’t just another enthusiast; he’s lived a life of rich experiences that many only dream of. A decade of residing in the Middle East not only allowed him the geographical advantage of having the world within arm’s reach but also provided a unique lens to view myriad cultures and their unique bond with the environment.

From the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula to the bustling markets of Southeast Asia, Mark used this central base to delve into the heart of what makes every corner of the earth so intrinsically special. His adventures are not mere travel tales, but lessons in embracing life — snorkeling with the gentle giant whale sharks and playful pilot whales, feeling the surreal stillness while hot air ballooning over the vast plains of the Serengeti, locking eyes with the majestic tigers of Northern India through his camera lens, or being submerged in the awe-inspiring depths of the Great Barrier Reef.

Each experience, each memory, shaped his understanding of the outdoors and its therapeutic power. Feeling an irresistible urge to share these moments and inspire others, Mark began Kingsofadventure.com. It’s more than just a blog; it’s his heart’s urging to all — to venture out, to feel, to heal, and to reconnect with the world in its raw, unfiltered beauty.

The Evolution and Growth of KoA Over Time

What began as a solitary journey has now blossomed into a vibrant community of seasoned adventurers, each bringing a unique perspective and passion for sharing their knowledge.

Who We Are

Our Responsibility

Our Editorial Integrity

At Kings of Adventure, our allegiance lies with truth and our readers. With zero brand affiliations or sponsorships influencing our content, our commitment to providing unbiased insights remains unwavering.

  • Fierce independence.
  • In-depth verification and fact-checking by field experts.
  • Citing reliable sources for readers’ further exploration.

How We Use Affiliate Marketing Ethically

While affiliate marketing helps us keep the lights on, our commission rates remain consistent across all products. Our editorial content stays clear of any influence from these affiliations, preserving our impartial stance.

Our Commitment to Ethical Practices

As champions of the great outdoors, we prioritize the planet and its preservation. Any products or activities with potential harm to our environment are excluded entirely from our content.

You Can Contribute to These Practices

Our readers are generally a conscientious tribe with a total love for their environment and outdoor pursuits. When using any of our guides and product recommendations we are confident that you will leave nothing but footprints when you are done with your outdoor experience.

Respect our environment so that everyone can enjoy it for generations to come.


For those thirsting for adventure or seeking guidance, reach out to us! We’re just an email away, or you can catch us on our social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Feedback, suggestions, stories, or just a friendly hello — we’re all ears.