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Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Kayak Seat (Editors Choice)

Ocean kayaks are one of the reputable brands in the kayak industry, and this kayak seat lives up to the name of the company.

The Comfort Plus seat is designed to provide an optimal level of back comfort while using the kayak for a long time.

The seat is also compatible with almost all kinds of kayaks due to its universal fit. The polyester fabric is covered with UV-resistant nylon to further protect the seat on sunny days.

Moreover, the seat is highly adjustable due to its brass swivel buckles and the 4-way mounting straps.

What makes it great:

  • Extra tall seat for ample back support
  • Highly adjustable buckles and straps
  • Durable nylon construction


Seat MaterialDurable polyester with nylon UV inhibitors
Padding MaterialsClosed-cell EPE foam padding
Seat StorageSimple bungee mesh

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Pactrade Marine Kayak Seat (Best for Fishing)

The Pactrade kayak seat is a highly adjustable seat that you can modify to the angle that comforts you the most.

It has a durable construction of neoprene and 600D polyester, which adds to its sturdiness and helps it stand the test of time. Additionally, it has a non-slip surface which allows you to stay secured inside the kayak.

It’s also comfortable enough to sit for a long time, thanks to its soft EVA foam and polyethylene plates in the interlayer. This makes it an excellent fishing kayak seat.

Moreover, it comes with a detachable back storage bag that’s large enough to store various items. This includes fishing baits, lunch boxes, or other kayak equipment.

What makes it great:

  • Highly durable construction
  • Features a detachable back storage bag
  • Adjustable front and back straps


Seat MaterialNeoprene + 600D Polyester
Padding MaterialsEVA foam + PE plate
Seat StorageDetachable back storage bag
ColorBlack and grey

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Expedition Kayak Seat (Best for Back Support)

The expedition kayak seat is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a large seat with extra comfortable padding.

It has a fluidized waterproof gel seat cushion that’s tightly secured. This way you won’t have to worry about it leaking.

The layer gives the seat about an inch of thickness, so your height won’t be adjusted much. However, the gels make it more than enough if you’re planning to use the seat for hours.

The rear side of the backseat has a bungee net for extra storage and two built-in water bottle holders. However, the bungee storage is only fit for beverages and other small items.

What makes it great:

  • Fluidized gel cushioning for extra bottom comfort
  • Features a bungee net and 2 built-in water bottle holders
  • Adjustable and durable straps for easy fitting


Seat MaterialNylon fabric
Padding MaterialsWaterproof gel cushioning
Seat Storage2 built-in water bottle holders and bungee net
ColorBlack body with blue cup holders

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WooWave Kayak Seat (Best for Storage Space)

If you’re looking for a kayak seat that performs as well as it looks, you should consider this one from WOOWAVE.

It has a cool design with multiple EVA foam padding to make it ultra-comfortable without making the seat bulky.

Additionally, the high back seat makes it comfortable for your neck, which makes your kayaking experience even more fun.

One of the things that make this seat special is its ease of installation. Unlike some products on the market, it takes a couple of minutes to attach and secure the seat thanks to its copper hooks.

What makes it great:

  • Features a sporty design
  • Comes with an attachable storage bag
  • Easy to install and remove


Seat Material 210D polyester exterior
Padding MaterialsThick EVA foam cushioning
Seat StorageWaterproof detachable back storage bag
ColorBlack and grey

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Skwoosh High Back (Best Seat for Sit In Kayaks)

If you’re looking for a strong high back seat, then you may want to take a look at this offering from Swoosh.

This USA-made kayak seat comes with a gel seat cushion for added comfort, whilst staying relatively low profile. The outer body is made of durable, heavy-duty nylon fabric.

Additionally, the backrest is reinforced with 2 fiberglass battens for added support and strength.

A lot of users also find it excellent for sit-in kayaks, as it doesn’t take up much space when installed.

What makes it great:

  • Remarkably sturdy with nylon fabric
  • Features 2 fiberglass battens
  • Space efficient with low profile gel cushions


Seat Material Nylon fabric
Padding MaterialsFluidized gel seating with foam backrest
Seat StorageDetachable back storage bag
ColorBlack with blue logo

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Ocean Kayak Comfort Tech (Best Touring Kayak Seat)

Another kayak seat from Ocean Kayak. This one is the Comfort Tech, which is an upgrade from the comfort plus version.

This seat is a great pick if you don’t mind paying a little extra for a very comfortable seat. It features more padding on the bottom and back as well as a full ventilation system.

In addition to that, it has a noticeable increase in the sides for wider cradling while in the kayak.

It’s made of durable UV-resistant nylon.

What makes it great:

  • Has a built-in ventilation system for added comfort
  • Ultra-durable construction
  • Fits most kayak sizes


Seat MaterialDurable polyester with nylon UV inhibitors
Padding MaterialsClosed-cell EPE foam padding + full ventilation system
Seat StorageSimple bungee mesh

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Surf to Summit Kayak Seat (Best Kayak Seat for SUPs)

Surf to Summit Outfitter kayak seat is a good choice if you’re looking for a comfortable kayak seat that doesn’t take up much space.

Its low profile design also makes it a useful seat for SUPs if your board has the D rings fitted.

Originally designed to target the kayak rental market, this seat is built to last.

In addition to all its features, Surf to Summer Backs its products with a lifetime warranty for a worry-free purchase.

What makes it great:

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Comfortable and resists slipping


Seat MaterialFabric and plastic
Padding MaterialsMolded foam
Seat StorageDetachable back storage bag

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Sea Eagle Deluxe (Best Inflatable Kayak Seat)

If comfort is your ultimate priority in a kayak seat, you might want to consider an inflatable.

These are known to have the best level of cushioning, as you can adjust its tension to your desired level. Moreover, you can further customize the seat by adjusting its straps.

The seat also saves a lot of space in your cargo bag, as you can deflate it and inflate it as needed. It measures 14 x 9 x 4 inches (Width x Depth x Length) when deflated.

It also comes with a rear pocket that allows for additional storage. The seat is mainly designed to fit Sea Eagle kayaks. However, a lot of users found that it fits a lot of kayaks nicely.

What makes it great:

  • Can be inflated and deflated to save space
  • Features a high rear pocket for extra storage
  • Fits different kayak brands and types


Seat MaterialNylon fabric
Padding MaterialsInflatable
Seat StorageRear storage bag
ColorWhite with blue piping

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Brooklyn Kayak Company Full Kayak Seat

Lastly, If you’re looking for a soft kayak seat that won’t weigh you down on travels, this seat from Brooklyn Kayak Company should be on your shortlist.

This affordable kayak seat provides hammock-like support, which means it’s highly comfortable if you want to lounge.

It’s also supported with durable straps that you can adjust easily. Since it’s a universal fit, you shouldn’t have to worry about its compatibility with your kayak.

All these factors make this kayak seat a considerable option if you’re looking for quite a bang for your buck.

What makes it great:

  • Great value for money
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Universal fit with most kayaks


Seat MaterialSoft nylon
Padding MaterialsMemory foam
Seat StorageDetachable back storage bag

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How to Choose the Best Kayak Seat for You?

Shopping for kayak accessories is a fun process. However, it’s also critical that you make a good investment that will last you for a long time

Here are some of the important benchmarks you need to consider while shopping for a good kayak seat.

Types of Kayak Seats

Many kayaks come ready with kayak seats, which are sometimes good enough for your needs. Unlike stock kayak seats, these ones have different purposes.

For example, some are designed for extra storage. These ones don’t usually offer huge changes in comfort level. Instead, they have a large detachable or undetachable storage back on the rear of the backrest.

However, the comfort type is designed to offer much better padding and cushioning than stock seats. These ones usually have a small bungee net storage or none at all. The choice here depends on your main priority.

Kayak Type Compatibility

There are various types of kayaks out there. This includes sit-on-top kayaks, sit-in kayaks, SUP kayaks, and more.

It’s essential for you to know that not all kayak seats fit all kinds of kayaks. For example, SUP kayaks need a low-profile seat with a sturdy backrest.

On the other hand, if you’re using a fishing kayak, you’ll need an extra comfortable seat with a large storage bag.

Seat Dimensions

The seat dimensions are also critical if you have a small kayak. They control how much this seat will fit in your kayak.

For instance, the height of the backseat has a direct impact on your comfort, which becomes more critical for people with taller builds.

Make sure that you measure your torso and compare it to the height of the seat you’re planning to get.

If you’re looking for comfort, make sure that your kayak seat has large dimensions with a height of at least 18 inches. This way you’ll be able to rest your body comfortably and avoid slouching and sore backs.

Materials and Durability

Kayaks are made of a wide variety of materials of different properties and prices as well. If you use your kayak for watersports, you’ll need a durable seat that can handle all the sharp turns and rough conditions you put your kayak in.

Ideally, nylon is among the toughest materials that kayak seats are made of. They resist wear and tear significantly higher than low-grade polyester. However, high-grade polyester (600 Denier or higher) can have a similar level of durability

Neoprene is also a good material that companies comfort, durability, and water resistance. it’s the same materials used to make wetsuits and scuba diving ones.

In addition to the material, some brands further fortify the kayak seats by adding frames and battens. These ones are made of fiberglass or metals.

However, these ones are usually stiff, so we don’t recommend you go for them if you’re planning to lay back and relax.

Padding and Comfort

Padding is also an extremely crucial factor when you’re looking for any seat in general. In a kayak seat, most padding materials are EVA foam, as it’s smooth and water-resistant.

The thicker the foam, the more comfortable it gets. However, adding thickness to the seat will limit your movement inside a sit-in kayak.

In that case, you should consider one with liquidized gel. These ones provide ample cushioning without adding too much bulk.


Do you need a kayak seat if your kayak comes with one?
A lot of kayaks don’t come with proprietary seats. Also, some of the stock seats aren’t usually as good as the kayak itself. Yet, specialized kayak seats also have a lot of added perks, such as:

  • They’re usually much more comfortable than stock seats
  • They act as a durability upgrade for hardcore kayaking
  • They feature additional benefits like storage bags and bottle holders
  • The double as a perfect spare seat for various situations

If you’re comfortable with the seat you have, you might only need one as an upgrade after the stock seat starts malfunctioning.

However, if you’re lacking a certain advantage of the previously mentioned ones, a kayak seat upgrade is all you need for a better experience!

How to improve the kayak seat’s comfort level?
If you prefer a durable kayak model but need an extra push in terms of comfort, you can add a gel pad to your brand-new kayak seat. These cushions make the toughest seats feel ultra-soft while maintaining a low profile.

Wrap Up

We recommend Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Kayak Seat as the best overall kayak seat. It’s made from highly durable fabrics and provides excellent support due to its height and 4-way adjustment

However, if you’re looking for a fishing kayak seat, you should consider the Pactrade Marine Deluxe Kayak Seat. In addition to having excellent padding for added comfort, it also has a detachable storage bag for your tools.

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