Top 14 SUP Accessories Under Review


SUP-NOW Paddleboard Carrier

Happiness on a paddle board happens on the water. Headaches usually occur transporting the board to your home or vehicle. However, with the SUP NOW paddle board carrier that stress is virtually eliminated.

The system allows a paddler to carry their board and paddle with a shoulder strap. This adjustable strap will allow a person 4-foot or taller to carry a board with ease whether it’s a long touring board or a shorter whitewater board. The makers of this product, kept the carrier’s comfort in mind by triple padding the shoulder strap.

The SUP-Now uses metal hardware for extra durability. Most SUP carriers use plastic clips and fastenings which are easily broken.

Things we like:

  • Makes transporting a paddleboard easier and more comfortable
  • Metal clips and fasteners
  • USA based company offering 100% money back guarantee

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JOTO Cellphone Dry Bag Pouch

Some items on this accessories review guide are giving away a waterproof case as an incentive to buy, but we thought we’d throw one in here with a little review of it’s own as you may not want any of the other items.

Now it’s a sad world we live in that people just can’t disconnect from their tech and fully connect with the environment and experience for the short time that they’re on the water, but that’s another discussion!

The JOTO is considered a ‘Universal’ case as it will accommodate smartphones ​up to 6 inches (diagonal). Its clear window to front and rear allow you to continue to take photos and video while paddling.

Not only is it IPX8 Certified waterproof to ​100ft but get this – due to the pouch’s clear screens, when you’ve fallen off your SUP and find yourself in the water, you’ll still have full touch screen functionality on your phone. Bonus!

Things we like:

  • Fits devices up to 100mm x 170mm
  • Also use it for credit cards, money, etc
  • Maintains touchscreen functionality

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JET LOGIC A-2 Complete Folding Anchor System

Boaters will often drop anchor when fishing or just want to stop to enjoy the surroundings, and for some it is no different when paddle boarding.

Anchoring a paddle board means that anglers are not drifting away from their honey hole and leisure riders are not floating to some unknown part of the water while catching some rest. Anchors can be a bit of a hazard on a paddle board, especially inflatables (pointy things are not the friends of things filled with air). The Jet Logic A-2 is a 3 and 1/3 pound folding anchor with four flukes (the points that allow the anchor to latch onto rocks, gravel, sand and mud).

The key thing to note here is that the anchor folds, which means that the chances of the anchor piercing or damaging the board is drastically reduced. Add to the fact that the entire anchoring system comes with a padded, durable nylon storage bag and the risk of damage goes down even further.

The anchor also comes with a 25-foot long marine grade rope (which may not be long enough and needs to be added to if you want to stop in deeper waters), a small marker buoy and a clip to attach to your board.

Things we like:

  • Small, convenient anchor system
  • Can be used for multiple small water craft

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Onyx M-16 Belt Pack Manual Inflatable Life Jacket

Paddle boarding is so enjoyable at times that it is easy to overlook the need for safety precautions. However, as with all water sports there is a need to have something on board to help you stay afloat in the unfortunate event that you end up in the water.

Usually boarders opt to bring big, clunky life vests on board, but they often restrict mobility or end up being stored under some webbing. The Onyx M-16 Life Jacket on the other hand is no bigger than a forearm, and best of all it takes up nearly no space at all when paddling.

The inflatable life jacket is compact and can be strapped onto the rider’s waist, leaving the paddlers arms free to move around unhindered. A simple pull of the rip cord and a CO2 cartridge will inflate the life jacket in mere seconds.

Things we like:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to operate

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Thurso Deck Bag Cooler

Paddling long hours under the relentless sun can quickly drain a rider of energy which is why many of them opt to bring drinks and snacks with them on their journey.

However, not only is it usually tricky to stuff bottles and bags of snacks in the standard webbing, but in most cases, they end up wet. Coolers, like Thurso’s Deck Bag, have become a popular accessory for most paddle boarders. They offer a convenient and efficient way to store and transport drinks, food, or anything else that needs to be kept cold during the paddle.

The water-resistant deck bag can be attached to hardboards using suctions cups or D-ring pads for soft tops and inflatable boards. Unfortunately, the lid of the deck bag is not a hard top which means that it cannot double as a seat, however the mesh top does give the paddler a place to store keys, money and their phone while on the water.

Things we like:

  • Convenient / easy to attach
  • Insulation keeps food/drinks cool

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​Punt Traction Pad with 3M Adhesive

Maintaining a firm grip on the deck of the board is essential for a good paddle boarding experience.

Soft tops are naturally grippy and the majority of inflatable sups often come with deck pads already glued onto them. Hard tops often double as longboards for surfing and do not usually come with any traction pads on them. In cases like this it is good idea to grab some Punt Traction Pad. This product comes with 12 pieces of deck grip that can be easily customized to fit any board and it’s extremely easy to install.

Thanks to 3M adhesives the marine grade EVA is virtually welded onto the SUPs surface with no mess and providing grip and comfort on long paddling trips. PUNT even offer a lifetime warranty – for guaranteed adhesion.

Things we like:

  • Customizable
  • Easy to install

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Pup Deck Traction Pad for Dogs

Dogs make for great paddling companions, and let’s face it who doesn’t like seeing their dog swim by them while they paddle.

However, when it comes time for Fido to come aboard it would be nice to give them a place where they can hang out and enjoy a free ride. While most boards have padded foam surfaces near the middle and rear of the board (which is usually where the paddlers feet would be), rarely are traction pads applied near the nose of the board (which is usually where one would keep a dog on a paddle board).

Pup Deck provides riders with a closed cell EVA foam pad that they can adhere to their dogs favorite resting spot on their board using 3M adhesives.

Things we like:

  • Easy to install on any size board
  • Comfortable and grippy EVA foam

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PoHo Surf Shop SUP LED Light System

Few things in life beat watching a sunrise or sunset on the water, and doing so on a paddle board brings it to the next level.

However, paddling out on the water in low light conditions is a serious matter. Paddlers must be able to see any obstructions in their path, and they must also have some way of signalling other water crafts of their presence.

The Northern Lights LED light system allows you to do both. This set of two battery powered lamps is waterproof and can be fixed underneath the paddle board. They attach via industrial strength Velcro, and that in turn is stuck to the paddleboard with an adhesive.

The light system is turned on and off via a remote, which the rider carries. Both lights are powered with AAA batteries which are not included.

Things we like:

  • Convenient and easy to attach
  • Supplied with on/off remote
  • Looks great when water is illuminated

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Surftech Coil Calf Attachment Paddle Board Leash

Leashes prevent the paddle board and rider from getting separated when the rider falls off into the water.

Typically, leashes are attached to the rider’s ankle, however for some this can be very uncomfortable. In some setups, the leash drags in the water which is both annoying and can be hazardous if it snags on something. Surftech offers a Coil Calf attachment which can be the solution to this problem.

As it’s name suggests, the rider now wears the leash higher on their leg around their calf. There is an almost zero chance of the 11-foot coiled urethane leash touching the water unless the rider wants it to. No more uncomfortable, speed reducing drag and especially no more snags on aquatic debris.

Things we like:

  • Decreased risk of snags
  • More comfortable as it’s not dragging in the water

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Railsaver Pro Strips

These days paddle board manufacturing is at such a high quality that it is easy to forget that paddle boards (especially hard tops) can indeed be damaged.

One of the most common types of damage that paddle boards suffer is rail wear from thousands of slight strikes with the paddle. Often riders will not notice that they are doing this as it becomes part of their paddling rhythm, but make no mistake the damage compounds over time and the next thing you know, your paddle board is out of commission.

Taking a preventative approach is the way to go by applying Railsaver Pro Strips. This seemingly benign adhesive greatly decreases the amount of damage and strikes incurred on a boards rail. For those worried about style, these protective strips come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Things we like:

  • Fit to any board
  • Easy to install

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The ABN Universal Carrier

Paddleboards can be awkward things to carry to and from the water’s edge. Those wanting to avoid any physical lifting might like the ABN board carrier.

Reminiscent of a moving dolly, this device allows the paddler to wheel their board to the water and back out. The board is protected from the ultralight tubular steel frame by oversized foam bumper pads. The ABN may look small but can actually carry 200lbs even though it only weighs in at 8lbs itself

The dimensions are such that the carrier can be folded away, wheels removed with ease (lynch pin) and transported in a backpack.

Things we like:

  • Highly durable lightweight steel
  • Can be used with other vessels such as kayaks
  • Can support upto 200lbs

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The SUP hipster Board Carrier

For some people using their upper body to carry a paddle board is a literal pain in their neck, shoulder and back! When lifting and carrying heavy objects, people are often advised to “lift with their legs”.

The legs bare the load, and this takes the strain off the back. Townes & Co. took this idea and applied it to paddle boarding with the cheeky named SUPhipster. This system essentially comes with two items, the waist belt and the placement hook. A paddler would wear the waist belt that has been integrated with a gear bag for water bottles, keys, sunblock, and padding for lower back support.

Then attach the placement hook on one side of their hip. They would then mount the paddle board onto the hook while supporting it with one arm. No heavy lifting, no shoulder strain. This accessory seamlessly transfers the weight of the board to your lower body, making the legs and hips do the heavy lifting. The company states that it will fit boards up to 5-inches thick.

Things we like:

  • Innovative and easy way to carry your SUP
  • Integrated, handy carry pack

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Earth Pak – Waterproof Dry Bag

When engaging in any watersport, there is an inherent need to keep some things dry, like phones, electronic key fobs, wallets and the like. Which is why dry bags, like these from Earth Pak were developed.

Composed of thick 500D PVC material, these bags are waterproof. Their roll top closures prevent water from entering the bag. These bags come in an assortment of sizes from 10 to 40 liters. The smaller 10 and 20-liter bags come with a shoulder strap, while the larger 30 and 40-liter bags come with a duo of backpack style shoulder straps.

This allows the bags to be easily carried both on land and on the water, and does not interfere with the paddling motion.

Earth Pak has also been kind enough to provide an IPX8 certified waterproof phone case to keep your phone dry and secure.

Things we like:

  • Keeps valuables safe and dry
  • Durable
  • Available in 3 sizes

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Choosing the Right Paddle Board Accessories

When the sport first took shape, the only things a person needed to enjoy a nice day out paddle boarding were, well, a paddle and a board. That is still the case, but things have come a long way since then.

Nowadays new inventions, products and innovations are available in the marketplace that are designed to make paddle board outings safer, more comfortable and more fun. One need only do a quick browse of the Internet or their local water sports store to see the plethora of things that they can add to their paddle boarding setup.

However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind before adding that extra piece of gear to your kit.


With all the new gadgets, gizmos, add-ons and accessories currently available for paddle boarders it is easy to get drawn into piling more and more gear onto your board. However, by keeping a couple of points in mind before committing to that item, you are sure to come out with a piece of equipment that is well worth it.


Let’s face it, there just isn’t enough space on a paddle board to carry everything you want. Yes, some paddle boards may have more surface area than others, but there is still a limited amount of real estate.

An accessory that you will be taking out on the water should be compact and fairly lightweight. While modern paddle boards can be rated for more than 250-pounds, it is best to keep in mind that every ounce will play a role in speed and maintaining balance on the board.


Since there is a finite amount of surface area on a paddle board, an ideal scenario would be for your accessory to have multiple uses. Yes, there are some items that have single specialized use (such as an anchor or personal flotation device), but other items like a cooler could give you the option to not only store things within it, but also give external storage or a sitting platform.

This not only gives the rider more options, but decreases the need to add even more items on the board while paddling.

Ease of Use

In some cases, paddling while maintaining balance is all a paddler can focus on. So, it is essential that any accessory they bring along to the middle of a body of water should be easy to handle and operate. They may need to operate it with one hand (as the other hand may be holding the paddle). They will also be balancing on a board in open water, so the accessory needs to be stable and within easy reach of the rider too.

Wrap Up

There are literally dozens upon dozens of paddle boarding accessories available in the marketplace, but that doesn’t mean that you should go out and purchase all of them. Remember that there is a limited amount of space and real estate on a paddle board. Make every item count. It is especially good if you can find an item that can serve more than one purpose.

Also, make sure that whatever item you decide to settle on, let it be one that is easy to operate. Remember that these are accessories and are meant to enhance the experience, the comfort and the fun out on the water.

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