Snorkel Gear Under Review

With so much choice when it comes to snorkeling gear it’s easy to be overwhelmed and paralyzed with indecision, so we have done the hard work for you. We’ve distilled your choice down to just five great products and included tips and advice to help you choose the best option to suit your requirements and level of snorkeling experience. Here are the 5 best snorkel sets:-


Aegend Full Face Mask (Best Full face Snorkel Mask)

The Aegend Full Face Snorkeling Mask covers your eyes, nose, and mouth and gives you an 180-degree field of vision. This full face design means you can just put the mask on, jump in and breathe normally. No coughing and spluttering while you master breathing from a snorkel which makes it ideal for beginners and introducing children to the underwater world.

If you’ve never snorkeled with a full face mask you are in for a treat.

This is a whole new experience compared to a standard snorkel and mask set up. Most people who snorkel recreationally or on holday for example, amble along on the surface of the ocean shallows and look down into the water to admire the underwater world. A full face snorkel mask is PERFECT for this. The area of visibility is fabulous and breathing is unimpaired. The whole experience is very pleasant, especially for kids.

The centrally located inbuilt snorkel allows you to turn your head without worrying about the location of a side mounted snorkel, and the ball seal in the snorkel will prevent water getting in, plus there is a drain to let any water escape.

Separate inhaling and exhaling channels reduce the risk of fogging caused by exhalation into the mask. The mask comfortably seals to your face with food grade silicone and is held in place with connecting soft fabric straps that won’t snag your hair.

It’s not all positive though, this type of mask is bulkier than the more traditional design which means less room in your suitcase. This mask can only be used for snorkeling and is not suitable for scuba diving. It won’t allow you to acquire the necessary airway control techniques to feel comfortable for scuba diving either. So while it’s great if you’re a bit nervous and new to snorkeling or a no fuss option for kids, it might not be your most cost efficient investment if you plan to try scuba diving.

Remember that this type of mask is for surface snorkeling, you should not try to dive underwater with this mask as equalising your ears is near impossible. If however you plan to just surface snorkel, these masks are hard to beat.

Things we like:

  • 12 month guarantee
  • Updated breathing system to avoid CO2 build up
  • Visibility is amazing with 180-degree panorama
  • Easy to breathe experience
  • Ideal for family fun, you can talk as there’s no mouth piece
  • ​Centrally placed snorkel reduces leaks and allows for head rotation.
  • ​Has GoPro Camera mount.

Things we don’t:

  • Bit bulky for travel
  • Surface only

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Want to buy the mask separately?

Want to buy the fins separately?

Cressi Palau Mask Fin and Snorkel Set (Best beginner Snorkel Set)

If you are looking for a package that includes mask, fins, and snorkel, then this is a great option. The mask has a soft, flexible skirt and easily adjustable buckles.

The snorkel has both a splash guard and closing valve to reduce water getting into it. The flexible bore means that the snorkel can be adjusted to fit comfortably.

Short fins are the perfect for travel and a great choice for snorkeling; they give you that bit of extra propulsion without being too cumbersome.​

They are particularly suitable for beginners as they allow for ease of adjustment to wearing fins and reduce the risk of cramp as they don’t put as much demand on the calf. As they are short, they are ideal if you are packing for holiday as they don’t take up as much room. The heel strap is adjustable which means, if you are buying them for young adults they will last as their feet grow. Another plus for the heel strap design is that they can be shared with friends and family members too.

Things we like:

  • Full set
  • Short fins ideal for snorkeling

Things we don’t:

  • Move along – nothing to see here 🙂

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Cressi Kids Pegaso Iguana Snorkel Set (Best Snorkel Set for Kids)

Made using bright, fun colors, this kids mask is designed to fit smaller faces. The mask’s buckles are easy to use, and all the silicone is soft and hypoallergenic.

The bright colors make this mask easy to find if dropped at the surface. The mask’s strap could snag long hair, and for comfort and ease, you should consider buying a soft neoprene mask strap cover.

The snorkel’s mouthpiece is designed for a smaller mouth and has dry top technology and a one-way purge value too.

​The snorkel doesn’t have a flexible tube, and although this limits the positioning options, it can make it easier to hold in place. If your kids are comfortable in the water, then they will find this design easy to use.​

Things we like:

  • Bright and fun colors
  • Easy adjustment
  • Fits small faces

Things we don’t:

  • Silicone strap needs a cover for longer hair
  • Non-flexible snorkel

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Phantom Aquatics Velocity Snorkel Set

The snorkel features splash proof technology which limits water getting in at the top. Any water that does get in can be easily eliminated with the one-way purge valve.​

The snorkel’s mouthpiece is angled for comfort, and the flexible tube allows the snorkel to sit comfortably in your mouth. This snorkel attachment is designed so that if you are using it for scuba diving, the snorkel will swing out of the way of your regulator once you have switched. The snorkel itself isn’t as dry as some others on the market and would not suit beginner snorkelers, those that do not have comfort in the water and have not mastered airway control and blast clearing.

Things we like:

  • Great field of view
  • Choice of colors and comes with transparent and opaque skirts
  • Will take prescription lenses

Things we don’t:

  • Not ideal for beginners
  • Not as dry as some others

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Cressi Frameless Mask & Snorkel

This Cressi mask and snorkel set is a good all round choice for those who prefer a single lens mask. There’s no frame which makes it light for traveling and easy to pack.

The frameless design also means greater comfort in the nose bridge area and wider field of view. The bottom of the lens drops into a diamond shape which gives you better downward view. This shape reduces the need to drop your head and therefore the risk of scooping water into your snorkel. This mask is great for scuba diving as the low profile means less volume to equalize.

The silicone skirt is soft and comfortable and attaches directly to the lens. The mask strap can be adjusted with one hand via an easy to use push button attached directly to the mask’s skirt.

The strap is made from silicone and while it will stay in place on your head, it is likely to snag in long hair. Consider buying a neoprene mask strap cover for comfort and ease.

The snorkel features dry top technology which will help to reduce water entering the top. The mouthpiece is made from soft silicone which along with the flexible tube portion means it will sit comfortably in your mouth.

Things we like:

  • Lightweight
  • Good for scuba divers
  • Low volume
  • ​Great field of view
  • Choice of colors and comes with transparent and opaque skirts

Things we don’t:

  • Strap could snag long hair

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How to Choose the Best Snorkel Gear

Apart from the product’s features and design, first and foremost you should consider who you are buying this mask for and how and where it will be used. Is it for your children to use in their first experience snorkeling? Is it for use on holiday and needs to fit into your luggage? Are you thinking of progressing to scuba diving in the future? Understanding your requirements as well as the product’s attributes will ensure you buy the best snorkel gear for your exact needs.


The main choice you have when it comes to selecting a snorkeling mask is whether you want single, double, multiple or 180 degree lenses. Single pane masks offer uninterrupted views, but you cannot affix prescription lenses to them. If you need to adjust your vision, then you should opt for a double pane mask.

Masks are available that have four panes, in this case, there are two extra panes at each side of your head which act to increase vision. In practice, they only really increase the light into the mask and not peripheral vision. New to the market is a mask type that offers a curved 180-degree lens that covers your whole face. This is called a full face snorkel and this design makes breathing simple and provides great all around vision.

Lens Angle and Shape

Looking at a side profile view, a mask lens that angles in at the bottom will give you a better downward vision. Add diamond or tear drop shaped lenses and this will give you the best downward vision overall. These two features limit your head movement when looking down which reduces the chances of you dipping the top of your snorkel into the water.


You do get what you pay for, and cheap silicone is stiff which not only makes it uncomfortable but it’s less likely to cause a good seal to your face. Most masks come with the option of an opaque black skirt or a see-through skirt.

The see-through skirt allows for more light to penetrate and tends to be more comfortable for new snorkelers as it reduces feelings of claustrophobia. Clear skirts will show discoloration, pitting, and any mold build up which can reduce the wear-ability and therefore longevity of your masks life.

Straps and Buckles

The majority of masks come with a strap that is made out of silicone and either split for better hold or just a simple strap. However it is designed, if it’s made with silicone it’s going to snag and pull your hair; if you have long hair, it will get knotted which at the least is frustrating, but it can be painful.

The solution to this is to buy a neoprene strap cover or neoprene replacement strap. Neoprene straps are more comfortable and can be easily slipped onto your head and held in place. Strap buckles should be easy to adjust, ideally with one hand.


Snorkels range from the simplest tube so some high tech water proof designs and again, you do get what you pay for. Most snorkels have some splash guard at the top, and some feature one-way valves designed to seal if submerged. What you choose will depend a little on your experience.

If you’re comfortable clearing a snorkel, then you don’t need to shell out for the latest dry technology but if it’s your first time, then do consider the options available. Mouthpieces should be made using comfortable but durable silicone, and it helps if the snorkel tube features a flexible portion which will allow for a comfortable fit.


One of the most frequent complaints from owners of new masks is that they always fog up which leads to frustration and dissatisfaction in the product. The simple reason this happens to new masks is that the manufacturer coats the lens to protect it, however removing it is simple.

You could buy an anti-fog solution, but seasoned pros clean their new masks with a non-gel non-whitening toothpaste. Just rub all over the inside of the lens and then rinse. You may need to repeat a couple of times, but this should solve any fogging issues.


It would be tough to choose a clear winner in our list of products as each one fits a particular need and is a winner in its own right.

The best snorkel gear means different things to different people. Criteria for choice can range from budget constraints to size constraints for travel needs.

If you’re buying for children, then select either the Aegend Full Face Snorkelling Mask or the Cressi Kids Pegaso Iguana Mask. The Aegend Mask is great for those children who are more nervous in water. It’s easier to use and requires little airway control. It will allow them to enjoy seeing fish and get comfortable in the water which will mean you can relax and enjoy the experience too. The Cressi Kids Pegaso Iguana Mask is a more traditional mask and snorkel set and ideal for those kids that just love the water.

For adults, the Cressi mask and snorkel set or the Phantom Aquatics Velocity mask and snorkel set are both great options, but the Cressi set does have the better snorkel in terms of dry technology. If you are just looking to surface snorkel, the Aegend is hard to beat.

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