Snowboard Boots Under Review

While it feels a little challenging at the beginning, most people will never stop feeling passionate about snowboarding once they try it. Avid snowboarders enjoy every moment on the board, even the moments that involve some risks.

Paying attention to your gear will have a huge effect on the success of your adventure. Your snowboard boots will keep your feet warm and comfortable as you explore the slopes. Being comfortable means you’re going to concentrate on what you’re doing and make the whole experience that more enjoyable.

You need to make sure that you’re buying the right snowboard boots for you as a boarder and your needs, so carving and controlling the board feels effortless. Nevertheless, there are many options to choose from. We hope this guide assists you in choosing the best pair for your upcoming snowboard adventure.


DC Travis Rice Snowboard Boot (Editors Choice)

Are you looking for stiff snowboarding boots? Look no more, because the DC Men’s Travis Rice are made from high-quality materials that were originally used by the military. Buyers have two color options to choose from, but these boots are priced to match the high quality.

They’re designed to reduce pressure while keeping your heel steady. This means that more of your energy will be transferred into the board. The outsole provides good traction, while the insole guarantees better cushioning and durability. The tread patterns play a great role in providing better ascending and descending while you’re on the board.

Thanks to the Aerotech ventilation system, the temperature, and moisture of your feet will be properly regulated. The heat-moldable EVA provides a custom fit with lateral support beams to keep your heel steady.

According to the system, these are said to provide a flex rating of 9, so they’re quite stiff and suitable for riders who enjoy carving and racing. Nevertheless, they feature good cushioning that allows you to move comfortably. They weigh around 2.6 pounds, so they’re not that heavy. You’ll probably need to order a size up because they run small.

What makes them great:

  • Stiff and sturdy boots for more advanced riders.
  • High flex rating for racing and carving.
  • Better ascending and descending thanks to the lateral support.
  • Advanced ventilation system to regulate the temperature and moisture.
  • Moldable EVA for more support and cushioning.


Flex Rating9
Weight2.6 Pounds
Lacing systemBOA lacing system

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DC Men’s Phase Lace Up Snowboard Boots

Coming from a trustworthy manufacturer, these boots feature multilayer construction with EVA foam for extra comfort and fleece lining to keep your feet warm in extreme temperatures. The old-school lace closure guarantees the hold and stability of these boots.

They have a medium flex rating of 5, so they’re quite suitable for an intermediate snowboarder. The boots’ upper is made of durable synthetic leather and the PU mesh panels block moisture from getting into your boots. Thanks to the Aegis technology, your feet are likely to stay healthy as it will prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria that can affect the quality of your shoes, cause bad odors and harm your skin.

The design of the 3D molded J bars prevents the lift of your heel, keeping your feet in a natural position. They weigh around 1 pound, and the shaft measures 10 inches. There are four different colors to choose from.

You’ll have to order a size up because they fit small. Moreover, the lacing system isn’t the best out there, but it works.

What makes them great:

  • Medium-priced snowboard boots with decent construction.
  • Removable lining that molds to your feet quickly.
  • Easy to walk in with medium flex rating.
  • Suitable for intermediate level snowboarders.


Flex Rating5
Weight1 Pound
Lacing systemTraditional

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ThirtyTwo 32 STW BOA ’18 Snowboard Boots

This is a good choice for people who don’t want to go overboard with their budget. It comes in three different colors and there’s a special version available for women.

What you’ll immediately love about these boots is how quickly you’ll get into them. They’re comfortable and flexible to reduce pressure points so you can enjoy them for the whole season. The comfort fit liner is made of dual density foam with fleece lining for a customized fit and more warmth. The combination of the molded footbed and foam outsoles guarantee that your boots will feel light and secure.

The single BOA closure system is hassle-free for quick entry and release and suitable for people who hate laces. The 3D molded tongue is designed to fit the curves of your foot to decrease pain and discomfort.

If you’re looking for lightweight and flexible snowboard boots then these are the ones for you. They weigh around 1 pound 15 oz and feature a long shaft of 11.5 inches. They provide a flex rating of 3 making them suitable for beginners who want to enjoy freestyle rides. I wouldn’t recommend this to someone who’s into more hardcore riding.

What makes them great:

  • Affordable entry-level boots.
  • Soft flex for beginners.
  • Practical and quick closure system for easy entry and release.
  • Comfortable liner with fleece lining for warmth.


Flex Rating3
Weight1 pound 15 oz
Lacing systemSingle BOA Closure system

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DC Lynx Snowboard Boots

If you don’t want to break the bank, you can take a look at these boots. They’re durable and stiff with a flex rating of 8, so they’re designed to cater to the needs of hardcore riders and racers. They come in two different color options.

The lightweight outsole makes them comfortable to wear without weighing you down. This means that your energy will be directly transformed to the board giving you more control. They aren’t heavy weighing 2.14 pounds so you won’t struggle to move in them.

Thanks to the ankle harness, your heel will stay stable so you won’t feel much strain after a long riding session. The impact S insole absorbs pressure keeping your feet comfortable.

They feature the Aerotech ventilation system to control odors and prevent the growth of bacteria, with a traditional lace system to keep your boots stable. You might need to order half a size up, especially if you have wide feet.
These are old school snow board boots and feel quite stiff. You should make sure that you spend some time breaking them before trying them in a real-life riding adventure.

What makes them great:

  • Affordable, for more experienced snowboarders.
  • Sturdy and stiff construction.
  • High flex rating of 8.
  • Comfortable insole and outsole.
  • Traditional lacing system.


Flex Rating8
Weight2.14 pounds
Lacing systemTraditional

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Burton Moto Snowboard Boots

Riders who need a versatile and flexible boot should consider these. They feature a flex rating of 3 making them perfect for beginners’ rides as well taking a walk in the park. They offer the best combination of flexibility and stability so they won’t hurt your feet while providing an adequate amount of control that any beginner would need.

The speed zone lacing system allows you to adjust the lower and upper part of your boots for the perfect fit. You can also heat the internal liners to mold them and make sure that your feet are as comfortable as possible as you customize the fit.

They’re designed to eliminate the break-in period, so they’re a good choice for excited first-timers and last-minute buyers. The Dynolite outsole keeps your boots 20% lighter than other models while reducing shocks and resisting extreme temperatures. The imprint 1+ liner features integrated lacing for maximum comfort.

These boots weigh around 2.1 pounds, so if you’re looking for heavier and sturdier ones, you should consider another model. Sizing can be a little off, so you must check their size chart first before ordering your pair.

What makes them great:

  • Comfortable feeling right out of the box.
  • Flexible boots of a flex rating of 3.
  • Versatile boots for snowboarding, as well as other outdoor activities.
  • Integrated lacing for a comfortable fit.


Flex Rating3
Weight2.1 pounds
Lacing systemSpeed zone lacing

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K2 Men’s Maysis Snowboard Boots

Available in two colors, these boots feature a comfortable fit combined with good control. The outsole is made of Vibram Pro Lite to provide more traction and grip while the insoles reduce the pressure on your feet after long sessions of snowboarding.

What really impresses buyers is the boots’ ability to keep feet warm in very cold temperatures. The shell and 3D liner work together to provide proper insulation so you can spend more time exploring the mountains. The liner is made of high-density foam with internal and external J bars to stabilize your heel.

The BOA system allows you to adjust the fit of the liner for more comfort. The boots are rather easy to put on and take off and provide a flex rating of 4 so they’re suitable for intermediate riders. They weigh around 2 pounds.

Adjusting the BOA system for the snuggest fit takes time and a little bit of practice. You should order a size up for a comfortable fit. They’re medium-priced boots for intermediate riders who don’t want to break the bank.

What makes them great:

  • Medium-priced boosts made of high-quality materials.
  • Medium flex rating of 4 to suit intermediate riders.
  • Keep the feet warm thanks to the design of the shell and 3D liner.
  • Adjustable lace system for easy entry and release.


Flex Rating4
Weight2 pounds
Lacing systemBOA system

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Burton Photon BOA Snowboard Boots

Intermediate and expert snowboarders will definitely love these boots as they’re suitable for all mountain activities. They’re a bit expensive, so if you’re a beginner you might want to look for more affordable ones. They offer a stiff flex rating of 7 to suit more experienced riders.

The dual zone coiler lacing system allows for easy get-in and several adjustments to keep your feet comfortable all day long. The natural fiber ropes easily adjust to the curves of your feet as you move, which is a great plus for all-day adventures.

These boots will keep your feet warm even in extremely cold weather thanks to the internal reflective foil. It reflects heat so you can go on with your ride for hours without feeling any discomfort. The imprint 3 liner is designed to fit the contours of your feet comfortably. It can also be heat molded to provide you with the best fit.

Protecting your ankle is a major concern, especially if you’re into backside moves, but these boots got you covered thanks to the molded backstay. The outsole is made of Vibram EcoStep rubber, which is 30% recycled making it an eco-friendly option.

If you’re looking for lightweight boots, then these aren’t for you. They weigh a little less than 6 pounds and will drag you down if this is the first time you try snowboarding.

What makes them great:

  • Stiff boots with a 7 flex rating for more experienced riders.
  • Internal reflective foil to keep your feet warm.
  • Molded backstay to keep your ankle stable.
  • Outsole is made of recycled material.


Flex Rating7
Weight5.93 pounds
Lacing systemBOA lacing system

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Unlike other boots, you won’t spend time to break these in. They’re super soft and flexible with a flex rating of 2, making them perfect for beginners. The imprint liner can be heat molded to give your feet the perfect glove-like fit. There’s no color option but black.

These boots are basic with traditional outer lacing system and DynoLite outsole to provide good traction without weighing you down. They’re not designed for hardcore riding or racing. They fit true to size and feature an internal lacing system that keeps them in place. They weigh around 2.2 pounds, so they’re rather lightweight.

Most buyers agree that they’re good value for money, as they last a long time, although they’re not expensive. I recommend them to first timers and teens are who are still exploring the mountains.

You should, however, be careful not to get too carried away while wearing them. They don’t keep your heel as steady as other models. Moreover, they don’t provide the best traction, but they’re enough if you’re still a beginner. Caution is recommended to avoid injuries, especially if you’re still learning.

What makes them great:

  • Affordable boots for beginners.
  • Flexible boots.
  • Soft construction for more comfort.
  • Double lacing system.
  • Fit true to size.


Flex Rating2
Weight2.2 Pounds
Lacing systemTraditional

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How to Choose the Right Snowboard Boots?

To answer this question, you need to evaluate your needs as a snowboarder. Are you an expert? Is this your first time to try snowboarding? For most snowboarders, the aesthetics are not as important as quality. This is why you should take a few factors into consideration when you’re shopping for the right ones.


Snowboard boots should provide a snug fit; otherwise, your heel will lift which can subject you to serious injuries. When your boots are too loose, your toes will be prone to blisters and you won’t be able to control the board properly.

However, you should make sure that your boots aren’t too tight. Tight boots will restrict the blood flow to your feet and toes, causing lots of pain and discomfort that can be really distracting. Moreover, if your toes are deprived of blood for long periods, you’ll be dealing with a serious health hazard.

Most boots will require a short break-in period. This will adjust the width of the boots to suit your feet. However, if they’re too tight at the toes or the ankles, then you’ve probably got the wrong size and you need to size up.

It’s extremely important to check the sizing chart of the manufacturer before ordering your pair. Make sure that there’s enough room to fit your thick socks to keep you comfortable all day long.


This refers to how much flexibility you will get from your snowboard boots. They have a flex rating that ranges from 1 to 10; with 1 being the softest and most flexible option.

Low-flex boots that have a rating of 1 to 4 are suitable for entry-level snowboarders. They’re quite comfortable to wear and allow the feet to move freely. If you want something more challenging than freestyle, then it’s time to try all mountain snowboarding with boots that feature medium flex of 5 to 7. These are stiffer and usually heavier, so you’ll need to practice how to move properly in them.

More advanced riders usually need a higher flex rating of 7 to 10. They can practice backcountry, carving, or even try racing in these stiff boots. These boots are designed to provide the ultimate protection, but wouldn’t restrict the movement of your feet. You’ll need to spend time practicing how to transfer the energy from your feet to the board while wearing stiff boots like these ones.

Lacing System

There are three types of lacing that you can choose from. Traditional lacing is straightforward and easy to understand. This is guaranteed and the laces can be easily adjusted. However, if you’re not good with laces you might struggle a bit to tie them and untie them.

Quick-pull laces are fancy looking and take no time to tie. However, if the laces break, it’s quite expensive to get them fixed or replaced. Moreover, adjusting them is a little hard.

BOA lacing system feature dials where each one is attached to a cable that runs through the boot. This means that you can adjust every section of the boot individually to get the most comfortable fit.


Snowboard boot liners are meant to provide warmth and comfort while you’re on the board. Traditional liners are quite basic, although some of them can be adjusted for a snug fit. Moldable liners will use the heat you’re your body to adjust and become more comfortable in the break-in period.

Heat-molded liners can be customized to fit the specific contour of your feet, improving your overall snowboarding experience. Although there are some online tips on how to customize moldable liners, it’s recommended to for professional help. These boots are usually quite expensive and you don’t want to ruin them to save a few dollars.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, and it’s not a matter of color selection. Men and women have different anatomical features and boots designed for men won’t be suitable for women and vice versa.

Women’s heels tend to be narrower, so wearing men’s boots might cause chafing and blisters. At the same time, men won’t find women’s boots comfortable at all. Nevertheless, if there’s no other option, women can try to go half a size down to make sure that men’s boots are comfortable to wear.

it’s important to understand that these boots are different from your everyday shoes as they’re designed according to the principle of feet reduction. Moreover, you’re probably going to wear them with thick socks. It’s important to pick the right size to avoid injuries and have more control over the board.

You can try to put your feet on the underside of the boots to evaluate the distance you have between the toes and the edges. You should make sure that they overhang a little bit at the back and front, but not too much so your feet don’t move as much inside them.

When you’re ordering online, you can take the measurements of your regular boots and add half a size or a full size up to get the best fit. Remember, that each brand is different so you should check the manufacturer’s sizing chart to avoid confusion.

Cleaning your gear regularly guarantees they it will stay in good shape. You must deal with all the moisture to make sure that your boots don’t smell over time. Some boots have a moisture-wicking mechanism and ventilation system to keep them dry and prevent the growth of bacteria. But if yours don’t, you’ll have to let them air dry after removing the dirt and mud off the outsole.

Don’t use the blow dryer to make your boots dry faster. You should also use a gentle detergent to get rid of stubborn stains. Cleaning them regularly makes the job easier as you don’t have to scrub hard to get rid of dry and stubborn mud stains.

Wrap Up

Choosing the right snowboard boots for you allows you to become a better snowboarder, as you have more control over the board. For entry-level boots, I think you can try the Burton Invader Boots as they provide good value for money, and are suitable for beginners.

If you have some experience and want to take your snowboarding game up a notch, then we recommend the DC Men’s Travis Rice. They’re quite stiff so you can try more challenging moves.

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