If you’re looking for information on canoes and canoeing, you’ve come to the right place. There’s something extremely therapeutic about jumping into a canoe and paddling through beautiful wilderness. Canoes are big enough to enjoy with the family, and once you’ve organised your trip and checked all safety aspects, there’s great adventure to be had.

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Canoeing Terminology

Don’t get bamboozled by all the jargon – get to grips with all the terminology used in canoeing with this helpful glossary.

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Canoeing Terminology
Beginner Canoeing

Canoeing for Beginners

If you’re a beginner to canoeing and want to learn how to get started in this fantastic outdoor activity, you should read this ultimate guide.

Read how to get started canoeing >>

Canoe vs Kayak

There are pros and cons to each type of paddle craft, we walk you through the benefits and down sides of each.

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Canoe vs Kayak
Kayak Camping

Canoe Camping / Kayak Camping

There’s something magical about this partnership, it’s a marriage made in heaven. Separately they are great experiences, put them together and it’s awesome. There are certain things however, that you should consider.

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Canoeing Gear

Canoes can be fairly substantial vessels and offer a platform for many activities on the water. If you’ve never experienced the ‘sit up’ style of paddling you should definitely give it a go. They are a terrific natural way to transport you into wilderness and get you connected with nature. Here we discuss the types of canoes available and gear to enhance your canoeing adventures.

Best Square Stern Canoe

Square stern canoes give you the option of attaching a motor which is really handy if you’re travelling long distances.

There are a number on the market and we’ve compiled our favourites along with our assessments. Read on.

Top Pick: Rogue River 153

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Best Solo Canoe

If you enjoy solitude then canoeing in the wilderness in a canoe built for one is probably your idea of heaven.

Take a leisurely paddle through our guide to solo canoes for further info.

Top Pick: NEXT Solo

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Best Family Canoe

Canoeing as a family is one of the best experiences you can give your kids.

It’s a shared experience that your kids will remember forever, especially if it’s tied in with a camping trip.

Top Pick: Grumman Double Ended

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Fishing Canoes

Canoes make great vessels to fish from. There’s enough space for tackle, rods and general fishing gear.

They’re also pretty stable craft too if you’re going to stand up to cast. Read on for more details on what’s available.

Top Pick: Adventure 14

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