Getting the right gift for a scuba diving friend or partner is often a challenge, and, if you’re not a diver, buying a gift for one can be somewhat confusing. Diver or not, to make your life easier we have trawled the internet and come up with 50 gift ideas and broken them down into sections for you to browse. The following suggestions cover cameras and accessories, books and DVDs, eating and drinking, jewelery, practical diving gear, travel accessories, car accessories, and clothing.

GIFTS FOR SCUBA DIVERS – Underwater Photography

Paralenz Dive Camera

The Paralenz Dive Camera is the new kid on the action camera block with the key difference that this action camera has been made specifically for divers. Whereas other brands have revised the kinks in their models as they have gone along, these guys tested and refined the camera with 250 divers worldwide. This testing resulted in the final product being exactly what the scuba divers needs for awesome underwater images. The camera is small, easy to use even with gloves and has great battery life. The camera has a pressure sensor so that it can automatically deliver the optimal color no matter what depth you are at.

GoPro HERO 7 Black

The original action camera, this one is waterproof to 10m on its own. To go deeper, you will need a housing too (see below). The camera offers innovative stabilization and is capable of live streaming to social media channels.

Go Pro Hero Housing

If you’re gonna get a Go Pro for scuba diving you gotta get a camera housing. This little gem will allow to to capture footage up to 45m underwater.

Nordic Flash Buoyant Lanyard

Nordic Flash bill this lanyard as a camera float but in fact it can be used with any scuba or snorkeling accessory that could be dropped.  Each strap will float an item weighing 200g which makes them ideal for action cameras and torches too.

Floating Hand Grip For Action Cameras

This product solves several problems for action camera users underwater. The material is bright which makes it very easy to locate. The float acts as a hand grip making the camera both steady and easier to use as well as ensuring it stays on the surface if dropped. There’s a lanyard to attach to your wrist, and the handgrip can be extended with a pole too. The extension will give you more reach, and the grip will still float with the pole attached.

Action Camera Grip

For the smoothest footage with an action camera, you need to be able to control the camera in the water. This grip mount allows you to do just that plus you have a number of options to mount lights to the rig so that you can turn your images into full-color film. It’s comfortable in your hand and comes with a lanyard to attach the rig to your wrist.

Mask Strap Camera Mount

There are sometimes when you need to film underwater but you also need your hands free. The solution is to clip your action camera to your mask and let it film wherever you look. This mount clips to the side which means fewer bubbles than center mounted devices. This works with any mask and the most popular action cameras.


Blue Planet II

David Attenborough is the last word in wildlife documentaries. Blue Planet II is mesmerizing and even if whoever you are buying gifts for has seen it; they’ll love you for buying them a copy to own. The filming is breath-taking, and some of the habitats and behavior depicted have never before been seen. The series has a conscience too. With its airing, the single-use plastic waste movement found a voice and pushed into mainstream awareness.  This DVD collection is a must-have for any self-respecting diver or ocean lover.

Shadow Divers

This is the ultimate deep-water exploration tale. Known today as The Deep Sea Detectives, this is the story of John Chatterton and Richie Kohler’s first mystery. At a time when Trimix was an experimental ‘voodoo gas’ and dive computers were in their infancy this duo risked it all to solve the mystery of a German U-boat lying sixty miles off the New Jersey Coast in 70m of dark frigid (230ft) of water.

Neutral Bouyancy: Adventures in a Liquid World

For any diver this book is somewhat a rite of passage. It combines dive history and personal experiences from a diver’s diver. It’s both funny and informative and a damn good read.

Collins Pocket Guide: Coral Reef Fishes

This fish guide is one of the most comprehensive global field guides there is and comes with a handy how-to section which explains the tricks of identification. Each page is packed full of colorful illustrations with representations of over 2100 species. Details include information on where you will likely find each variety along with important identification characteristics and a myriad of geographic variations. There are many fish books for sale but most focus on a region – this one will take you around the world.

GIFTS FOR SCUBA DIVERS – Eating and Drinking

Tank Water Bottle

Scuba divers are an environmentally conscious lot which means they hate using single-use plastic bottles. This 800ml water bottle, made to look like a dive cylinder, is a fun way to solve this problem. It’s free of nasty chemicals and made of food grade stainless steel, so it’s tough enough for the rough and tumble of a gear bag and dive boat, and the bright color makes it very easy to find.

Scuba Diver Wine Bottle Holder

Made from recycled metal this wine bottle holder is a must for the wine-loving scuba diver.  It’s cute, decorative and adds a bit of fun to any dinner party.

Octopus Lunch Cooler with conservation donation

Whether you take your lunch to work or the dive boat this insulated neoprene lunch bag with octopus design will keep your goodies fresh. It fits plenty in and packs flat once empty. $1 per sale is donated to the Umijoo Project which plans to create a superbly illustrated kids’ book that tells a magical tale of ocean conservation.

Blue Whale Pasta Strainer

When not diving, divers love to be reminded of their ocean friends and they don’t come much bigger than a blue whale. Thankfully this one is scaled to pan size; simply place it over the rim of the pan and pour out the water. It’s made from food-safe materials and can be used by left or right handed chefs.


Every diver knows the value of a hot drink when ascending from a chilly dive and Thermos is the last word in insulation technology. Made of stainless steel, it’s tough but still cool to the touch and keeps drinks hot for 24 hours. The lid is a cup and the stopper allows you to pour without taking it all the way out.

Deep Sea Diver Tea Infuser

If you know a diver who drinks loose leaf tea, then they will love to receive this. The diver is made from food-safe silicone; you put the tea in him and submerge him. He’s counter-balanced by a stainless steel tank; pull him up when the tea has infused – no safety stop required.

Hammerhead Corkscrew and Bottle Opener

What more could a diver ask for than a resplendent chrome plated hammerhead shark that can open both wine and beer bottles. Open beer bottles with the lever under its jaws or pull out the hammerhead to reveal a corkscrew. It’s sturdy and up for the job.

Diver Flag Keyring Bottle Opener

We all know that person who tries to open beer bottles with their teeth, a lighter or the edge of something. Buy them one of these for their keyring and they will never have to play chicken with a chipped tooth again.


4Ocean Bracelet

We all know that person who tries to open beer bottles with their teeth, a lighter or the edge of something. Buy them one of these for their keyring and they will never have to play chicken with a chipped tooth again.

Celtic Knot Shark Earrings

Made from nickel free silver and with a ½ inch drop, these hook earrings for pierced ears look stunning. The design is unique, and they’re tough enough for everyday wear but would still look fabulous for a night out. If you want a set, there’s a matching pendant too.

Sterling Silver Larimar Manta Ray Pendant

Larimar or Stefillia’s Stone is a rare pale blue silicate found only in the Dominican Republic. On this piece, it’s set in sterling silver to depict the body and wings of the manta ray. The pendant weighs 4.5g and measures 28x25mm.

Dive Helmet Cufflinks

These diver helmet cufflinks bring a bit of personality to formal attire. The gunmetal tone keeps this piece suitable for many occasions.

Octopus Tentacle Ring

Unlike other versions of this idea this ring is sterling silver and comes in a range of sizes. It’s nickel and lead free and won’t go green or cause irritation. It looks great too and it’s produced by a family-owned company so you can feel good that you are supporting the little guy.

GIFTS FOR SCUBA DIVERS – Practical Dive Gifts

Tank Banger

You can’t talk underwater and to most divers that fact is fine with them. Immersed in the ocean there’s no need for words until there’s a need to shout and you can’t do that either. To make noise or to attract attention you have to use one the many gismos available and the tank banger is the easiest. It just slips over the tank and you reach around to snap the ball against the tank to create noise. Any diver will be happy to receive one, don’t worry if you don’t know whether they have one or not because spares are always handy as they do seem to have a habit of going missing.

Oring carrier and pick keyring

This key ring, styled as a scuba tank, is a compartment for O-rings. Screw out the tank’s base to access both O-rings and the O-ring picker which will help with easy removal of the damaged ring. This is a great gift for anyone who dives independently of an organization as they’ll always have O-ring spares on hand.  

LED Light Stick

It’s not so long ago that divers would attach single-use light sticks to their kit when they dive at night. These could fall off into the ocean, but they also created waste, this LED light stick is the re-usable solution for this. Rated to 100m (330ft) it’s perfect to attach to your kit so you can be seen from behind at night.

Save a Dive Kit

It’s true that for want of an O-ring, cable tie, fin-strap, mask strap, mouthpiece, or weight belt buckle many dives have been missed. How frustrating to have to sit in the boat while everyone else dives just because there wasn’t a spare. This handy kit includes everything mentioned which should nicely cover Murphy’s Law. Items come in a mask box with room to add a few other bits too.

Diver’s Log Book

More than a logbook this zippered organizer has space for certification cards, pens and pencils, and much more which means you can keep all your diving paperwork in one place. It’s made of water-resistant material, so it’s tough enough for boat journeys. It comes with blank log pages included and, when adding more pages, the three-ring binder works with generic log pages.

Diver’s Tool Kit

There are two of these we would recommend depending on your needs.  If you want a basic kit to throw in your gear bag or back of the car to deal with the occasional thing that needs fixing then the basic kit has everything a diver might need. The 65 piece professional diver tool kit takes things a step further and is ideal for those who like to tinker with their kit and be Johnny-on-the-spot when it comes to fixing others equipment hiccups.

Waterproof Bag Set

Things get wet when you dive and it can be a challenge to keep your necessities dry.  This dry bag bundle includes a dry bag, waterproof waist punch and waterproof phone cover. Dry bags come in 5/10/20L size .The waist pouch is ideal for small stuff. The phone case is 9.9cm x 17cm (3.9″ x 6.7″) and you can talk, text and take a photo while your phone is in the pouch.

Signal Mirror

Small and easy to stuff in a BCD pocket a signal mirror can be used to attract the attention of boats or people on the shore should you need to.

Nautilus Locator Beacon

Modern technology’s answer to a signaling mirror is a personal locator beacon. A diver lost at sea with one of these is not likely to be lost for long. The simple operation allows for a one-button alert to be signaled up to 34 miles away and can be broadcast directly to your vessel if it’s equipped. It’s accurate to 1.5m (5 ft) and rated to a depth of 130m (425ft) and has no subscription fee to pay.

Microfiber Changing Poncho

This poncho with hood marries the privacy of a changing room with the drying of a towel to give you a discreet and hassle-free way to change into dry clothes no matter where you are.

Glow in Dark Slate

Slates are a great way to communicate underwater but their use can be a bit problematic at night. This slate glows in the dark; shine your torch on it to ‘power it up’ and it will glow enough for you to write and pass on a message.


Luggage Scale

Diving and travel go hand in hand which means airline luggage restrictions are the thorn in the side of any diver. These scales can weigh up to 50kg (110lbs) and come with a strap to make them easy to hang bags on them. They’re the ideal bit of kit to use to weigh luggage before leaving so that there are no nasty surprises at the airport.

Foxelli Dual USB Solar Charger

This solar charger folds out to expose three solar panels and a pocket to store charging devices conveniently. It has two USB points to charge two devices at once and is light, easy to use, weatherproof and durable. It’s the ideal piece of adventure kit for techno junkies.

Sand Cloud Beach Towel – 10% charity donation

Absorbent, lightweight and sand resistant these are great for the beach. They’re handmade and 10% of profits go to marine conservation charities.

Reef Safe Sun cream

Protecting your skin from the sun used to mean that you would douse the ocean in chemicals when you entered the water. This 30SPF sun cream is made using reef and marine life safe ingredients so as not to further pollute our oceans.

Wekapo Inflatable Sofa

Scoop the air in and fill up the bag and you have either a sofa, a sun lounger or floating bed for the ocean or pool. These are good for beach holidays, camping, music festivals, and liveaboard holidays too.

Blue Planet Sunglasses

If you spend time around the ocean, you need a pair a sunglasses, and Blue Planet make theirs with reclaimed or sustainable materials. Through their Visualize Change program, for every pair of glasses purchased Blue Planet donate a pair of corrective glasses to a person in need. To date, they have donated 750,000 pairs.

Eco Frisbee

A frisbee will entertain for hours; this one is made from recycled milk cartons, and the packaging is 100% recyclable too.

Beach Mat

Weighing just 1.26 pounds this sand-proof and waterproof mat is ideal for the beach, keeping your dry gear dry and sand free.

Eco Lips Lip Balm

Non-toxic, gluten-free, and vegan Eco-Lips is available in three flavors and will protect and moisturize lips. Divers get exposed to the elements, we should protect ourselves as much as we can.

Angry Shark Luggage Tags

When travelling abroad for your diving you’ll want some instantly recogizable tags for your check in bags. Fun and easy to spot these tags make sure luggage stands out on the conveyer belt.

Diving Monkey Passport Cover

if you want to give passport control a giggle when you’re travelling to your next dive holiday, you might like to try a bit of passport personalization with this cute scuba diving monkey cover.

GIFTS FOR SCUBA DIVERS – Car Accessory Gifts

Octopus License Plate

Stand out from the crowd with a personalized license plate. They’re made from aluminum and fit a standard plate holder.

Diver Decal

Let everyone know about your passion for your sport. These diver decals can be applied to any non-textured surface. They’re designed for outdoor use so you can use them on your vehicle.



These are comfortable, warm, and keep heads cozy on the boat or shore in between dives. Wet hair can make tour head feel cold really quickly, especially if there’s a decent breeze.


In warmer climates, a hat provides both shade and protection, and this fun tiger shark cap will do both. The cap is adjustable – one size fits all.

T-shirt And Tank top

Every diver would rather be diving, and this shirt tells the world. Made from 100% cotton. For ladies, this fun jellyfish tank top (above) designed by marine life artist Ryan Sobel is a great option. These tanks are super soft and come in a range of sizes.

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