Scuba Diving

If you’re looking for information on scuba diving or diving gear, you’ve come to the right place. We feel that scuba diving is one of those experiences that should be on everyone’s bucket list to be tried at least once. It’s been described as the closest feeling you can get to the weightlessness of space. You have the ability to move freely in all directions. As you can imagine it does come with its own very definite rules on safety.

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50 Fab Scuba Diving Tips

From safety tips when wreck diving to buoyancy control advice for beginners, there’s something in this article for everyone.

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As divers we are always looking for insights into new places around the world to scuba dive. As well as the more obvious tried and tested places, we look for the lesser known dive sites to bring you something different.

Scuba Gift Ideas

What to Buy a Scuba Diver

If you’re at a loss for ideas of what to get your scuba diving loved one, we’ve got you covered with 50 top ideas.

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Scuba Diving Gear

Buying the right scuba gear is crucial as costs can soon mount up. We recommend that you make sure that you’re definitely keen on the sport before committing to such an investment. To mitigate the risk of poor investment, we’ve compiled our favourites into bite sized guides that you can consume at your leisure and buy when you’re ready.

Scuba Mask

Having a comfortable mask that doesn’t leak is vital to your enjoyment. It’s something that you don’t want to leave to chance as an ill-fitting mask will surely leak and will ruin your diving experience

There are many things to consider when buying a mask and we cover all the essentials in this complete guide.

Our top Pick: ScubaPro Synergy 2

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Diving Fins

Fin choice is a personal thing and your preference will probably evolve over time with experience.

Just bear in mind that the stiffer the fin blade the greater the propulsion but the more power and effort it will take to kick.

For a full run down on fin choice read our full guide.

Our top Pick: Mares Superchannel

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Dive Bags

There’s quite a lot to consider when buying a dive bag. Will you be travelling with it? How much gear will you need to carry?

A lot of divers will essentially have 2 dive bags, one large one to travel with and a mesh bag to enable you to rinse your gear while it’s inside the bag.

We wade through your options and help you to come to a conclusion that’s right for you

Our top Pick: Cressi Roller Bag

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Dive Computers

Are you a beginner to scuba diving? Or are you looking for a computer that can incorporate some technical diving?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before buying.

We take a deep dive into what’s available and do all the research for you.

Our top Pick: Cressi Giotto

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If you are like us you’ll want to take your BCD with you on your trips, after all if you’re going to make such an investment you want to use it on your travels too.

If this is the case you may want to go for a design that’s targeting the lightweight travel market.

Our preference is to go for a good all round BCD. Our guide will assist in your decision making process.

Our top Pick: Cressi AquaPro

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Dive Lights

Dive lights are not just for night diving, if you’ve never used a good torch you are missing out.

Illuminating corel and tropical marine life with a good strong torch really brings out the true vibrant colours.

Some are definitely better than others though and it’s worth running through our guide.

Our top Pick: SOLA Dive 1200

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Scuba Dive Knife

This is not classed as an essential piece of dive kit but if you’re going to venture into wreck diving you wouldn’t be without one.

In fact some divers would not consider diving without a knife just for the security of knowing that it’s there if required.

There are many styles to consider and we walk you through them all right here.

Our top Pick: Promate Barracuda

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Dive Watches

I don’t know about you but I’m a bit of a sucker for a nice watch. I do like them to have a practical side though as well as looking good. I love my water sports so I tend to go for a good quality dive watch. Check out our guide for a full low down on what’s out there.

Our top Pick: Pantor Seahorse

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Mitigating Risk when Scuba Diving

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