Having an adventure-loving kid can make life a lot more exciting than you’d expect, especially if they’re into snow sports. Although you always want to nurture their brave side, with their adrenaline-seeking nature comes your worry for their safety. While your kid rides down on the snow, you’d want them to have adequate protection in case they take a tumble, and that’s why we’ve brought you 8 of the best kids’ helmets for skiing and snowboarding to keep them safe while they shred the slopes.

Kids Ski Helmets Under Review


VOKUL (Editors Choice)

Perhaps one of the most functional helmets on the list, the Vokul’s external shell is made out of durable ABS plastic and the interiors are lined with soft EPS. The inner layer also contains a warm and fuzzy lining that can be removed along with the earmuffs in case you get too hot, or placed back in if you need the extra layer of warmth. It‘s also worth noting that the inner lining is both odor and sweat-free.

The inner mold is adjustable using a back dial that tightens it up to comfortably fit your kid. The straps are also adjustable and padded to ensure the highest level of comfort and safety at the same time. The helmet has its own removable visor which can be taken out and replaced with your own preferred goggles that can be hooked to the goggle tab at the back of the helmet to secure it in place.

What makes it great:

  • Has a detachable warm and fuzzy interior lining and earpads.
  • Interior lining is sweat and odor-free.
  • The adjustable padded straps provide a snug and comfortable fit.
  • Comes with removable visor and a goggle tab for extra security.


Giro’s Launch helmet fits kids as young as 1 year old and has sizes that vary to fit kids all the way up to 10 or 12 years old. It comes in a variety of bold and unique colors and patterns that are bound to stand out in the middle of the snow. Your kids will also love the different designs; some of which include a purple penguin-inspired helmet top.

The helmet itself is designed to be really light in order to fit youngsters without feeling too heavy. It has a specially-designed in-form fitting system that adjusts the horizontal as well as the vertical fit of the inner mold. This system allows the helmet to fit snugly onto your toddlers head while still giving them some room to grow into the helmet for later years.

What makes it great:

  • The variable in-form fitting system allows for a snug fit as well as extra room to grow into.
  • Extremely light design is suitable for toddlers as well as older kids.
  • Comes in a variety of unique colors, patterns, and designs to fit your kid’s personality.
  • Has a wide range of sizes to fit any age.

Smith Optics Zoom

The Smith, like the Giro Launch, is very lightweight and does not cause any discomfort to young children. The outer shell also comes in a variety of bright colors that have a nice glossy finish and Smith’s Air-Evac 2 ventilation system designed into them. With Air Evac 2, the helmet can regulate airflow around the head to keep your kid from developing a puddle of sweat under their helmet.

Although Smith’s helmets run on the larger side, they do come with an interior fitting dial that can adjust the helmet to fit your kid’s head. On the inside, you’ll also find that the helmet is lined with a super soft furry material that adds to the comfort of the user. This, in addition to the padded ear muffs that are designed to keep your kids warm, make this helmet one of the most comfortable on the market today and a kid’s favorite.

What makes it great:

  • Has Air-Evac 2 ventilation system with airflow climate control.
  • The super soft furry lining makes it extremely comfortable to wear.
  • Has a tab at the back to hold goggles in place.
  • Comes with ear muffs that help in keeping your kid warm.

Giro Crue MIPS

Although this helmet is designed for kids, it has sizes that can actually fit adults as well. It’s a little heavier than the Giro Launch, but that’s simply because of the added protection system. The MIPS (multi-impact protection system) technology implemented in the design of this helmet adds an extra layer of protection for your kid during falls and crashes.

As for the fit, this helmet comes with a removable vertical tuning system and a soft stretchy back strap that work together in order to provide a snug yet comfortable fit at all times. The helmet also comes with an Auto-Loc system that allows you to remove the hard outer shell so that you can clean the underlying layer or simply store the pieces separately.

What makes it great:

  • Auto Loc 2 system allows you to remove the hard outer shell for cleaning and storage.
  • Designed with MIPS technology (multi-impact protection system) for extra protection.
  • Stretchy soft strap at the back gives a more comfortable snug fit.
  • Fits kids as well as some adults

Bern Bandito

Originally made to be a bike helmet, The Bern Bandito is actually multi-purpose and can be used for skiing and snowboarding as well, especially since it’s made with thick die-cut padding that provides adequate warmth in cold weather. The best thing about it is perhaps the fact that you can remove the hard exterior shell and replace it with another one from Bern. with this, your kid can have the option to alternate between several colored shells to fit their outfit or mood.

Like the Giro Crue, the Bandito is also designed with MIPS technology to add an extra layer of protection during impact. It’s also worth noting that the outer shell has been developed by Bern for several years and their end product is nothing short of brilliant; the ThinShell is made out of a combination of ABS plastic and polycarbonate providing you with a strong and durable yet thin and light helmet.

​What makes it great:

  • Can be used for several activities.
  • Designed with MIPS technology (multi-impact protection system) for extra protection.
  • The outer shell is removable and interchangeable so you can mix and match different shells at different times.
  • The outer shell is made with ThinShell technology keeping it light and durable.

Giro Junior Nine

Another model from Giro because we simply can’t get enough of their quality designs. The Junior Nine has a cool paneled design that appeals to young daredevils and comes in either a black or white matte shell. The Junior excels in its comfort where on the inside, you’ll find that it’s lined with thinly foam padded material that keeps you safe and comfortable.

The people at Giro have also paid attention to comfort in terms of ventilation. On this helmet, there are 14 cooling vents – stack vents – that circulate air in and out of the helmet to efficiently keep your kid’s head cool during their activities. As for when your kid is resting or for when they may feel cold, all the vents on this helmet can be plugged in order to prevent heat loss on their downtime.

What makes it great:

  • Has 14 pluggable vents for proper air circulation.
  • Has a weather strip vent shield
  • The helmet’s cool panelled design appeals to youngsters.
  • Perfectly fits narrow heads.

Anon Kids’ Define

Anon’s strapping system is surely one to consider. Their Define helmet comes with Strapper-Keeper technology which ensures the security of all your clasps and accessories, including goggles. The helmet comes with its own removable goggles which are integrated neatly into a strapping system that is compatible with other goggles as well. Perhaps what makes it so convenient is the fact that this helmet allows you to strap your own goggles over it instead of under it like other models.

The outer shell is made with an Endura-Shell construction designed by Anon to enhance the whole helmet’s durability and strength against impact. As for the interiors, the inside of the helmet is fully lined with fleece making it the perfect companion for extreme cold weather.

What makes it great:

  • The Endura-Shell construction adds to the helmet’s strength and durability.
  • The Strapper-Keeper technology fits the helmet on with minimum hassle and maximum security.
  • Comes with its own integrated and removable goggles.
  • Can fit goggles over the helmet instead of under.

Lucky Bums Doodlebug

Weighing less than a single pound, this extremely lightweight helmet definitely reps up when it comes to your kid’s protection. The outer shell fuses with the inner lining in order to further reduce the effect of any impact on your kid’s head. The inner mold is also adjustable using the back dial and can be fitted to your kid’s head in a snug and comfortable manner without having to worry about the helmet slipping off.

The Doodlebug can be used for snow sports as well as a variety of other activities, such as skateboarding, for example. It’s very simple to put on and take off due to the strap design, so it’s very easy for your kid to fit onto their head themselves. The back of the helmet also has a goggle loop so that you never have to worry about your kid’s goggles slipping off or getting lost.

What makes it great:

  • The mold construction fuses the outer shell to the inner lining in order to reduce impact during crashes.
  • Extremely lightweight weighing less than 1 pound.
  • Easy to put on and take off due to the simple strap and clasp design.
  • Can be used for several activities.

What makes a good ski/snowboarding helmet for kids?

Injuries caused during snow sports are fairly common and we as parents want to mitigate as much risk as we can. A good helmet should be the first port of call, thats not to say that there are bad ski helmets, but there are definitely ones that stand out more than others because of how well they’re built, how well they fit, as well as how comfortable they are while you have them on.

Here are some things you should look for:

Shell material

This is probably the most important aspect when it comes to the safety of your kid and manufacturers definitely keep that in mind. Most helmets are made out of strong polycarbonate shell molds that provide sufficient strength while also staying light so as not to force a heavy load on your kid’s head. The shell should always be made out of a material that can withstand falls and hits without ever breaking or denting; that’s the whole point of the helmet after all – to provide a solid buffer between your kid’s head and hard surfaces.

Inside these hard shells, you’ll find another softshell which acts as padding to reduce the impact from the hit or crash.


The second layer and second most important part of the helmet is the inner padded lining that sits in between the hard helmet shell and your kid’s head. The padding is there to reduce any force exerted by the shell’s impact with external objects; it absorbs the shock so that your kid’s poor head wouldn’t have to. These paddings are usually made out of some sort of foam material like EPS, for instance.

Some helmets will have more padded areas on the inside although for comfort reasons rather than protective reasons. For example, some of the helmets mentioned below have thermal padding for the ears that are removable so that your kid can place them in or take them out according to their own needs.

Inner mold

Not to be confused with the padding, the inner mold forms a net-like construction that is connected to the inside of the outer shell. It fits snuggly on your kid’s head in order to keep the whole helmet in place and avoid having it tilt, shake, or slide while they are snowboarding.

The inner mold is also almost always adjustable if it’s not made out of elastic material. That’s to ensure that the helmet fits perfectly and doesn’t move while also ensuring that it doesn’t feel too tight or dig into your kid’s head no matter its size.


In addition to the adjustability of the inner net mold with a dial fitted at its back, the best helmets will come with adjustable chin straps as well. The whole point is to have the helmet fit securely without causing any discomfort. Some straps will even have padding right over the buckles so that they don’t painfully dig into your kid’s chin if the helmet happens to catch wind.

And since it’s a kid’s helmet, your kid is expected to grow out of it in no time, so having adjustable straps that can accommodate for a slightly larger head size would actually prolong the time your kid can get to use their helmet before having to buy a new one that fits better.

Cooling mechanism

The best helmets also consider the fact that kids can sweat during snowboarding and their heads can heat up regardless of the cold if their helmets don’t have enough air vents. Most helmets have openings that act as air vents to allow air to circulate freely in and out of the helmet; releasing the warm air accumulating inside and replacing it with cooler air from the outside.

Some even have vents that can be plugged up when your kid is resting in between slopes or in case your kid is snowboarding somewhere exceptionally cold in order to keep them warm.
How to pick the right helmet for your kid?
Here are some of the things you should look to your kid for before buying them their ski helmet:

Goggle compatibility

Some helmets come with a feature that allows you to lock your goggles into them in order to minimize movement and fogging. Those can be really helpful if your kid frequently suffers from issues with their goggles moving around while their ski.

Some helmets come with their own goggles attached to them already and while those can take the hassle out of needing to buy, carry, and wear separate goggles, if it doesn’t fit your kid properly it can actually be an inconvenience instead of an advantage. Other helmets that allow you to attach your own goggles to them usually have two attachment options; over or under. With some headgear, the helmet allows you to slip your goggles right under it and then put your helmet on over your goggles to secure it in place. Other helmets will allow you to buckle your goggles on from the outside through specially designed goggle clips.


It can be challenging to pick the right sized helmet for your kid because you’ll want it to fit exactly right. If the helmet fails to fit your kid perfectly, it’ll be prone to sliding off if it’s too large or giving them headaches if it happens to be too tight. Thankfully, helmets with adjustable inner molds allow for a wider range of customizability through their dials when it comes to the right fit, but you’ll need to find a helmet that is at least within your kid’s size range in order for the size dial to be of use.

A good indication for an ill-fitting helmet is that it won’t feel comfortable if it’s too small, or it will lob around if it’s too large. If it’s too large, it’ll also go all the way down to your kid’s eyebrows. This video will help you understand how to better fit a helmet for your kid.


You might think that the color won’t really matter, but I beg to differ. When your kid gets to choose a color they like, they’ll actually be excited to put on their helmet and you won’t have any trouble keeping your kid safe during their adventures.

In addition to that, I would actually recommend that you encourage your kid to pick a bright color. That wouldn’t only make them stand out in between their peers, but it will also make them stand out in the middle of the snow. They’ll be easier to spot if they happen to get lost, so the color can also be a safety feature.

Frequently asked questions

Helmet manufacturers recommend that you replace your helmet every 5 years but if you suffer a crash or hard hit, they actually recommend that you replace it right away in order to avoid using one that may be more prone to breaking due to its compromised integrity.

You should measure the largest part of your forehead – which is about one inch above the eyebrows for most – going around with a measuring tape and record the circumference in inches or centimeters and match the circumference of the helmet to your head’s.

When you try the helmet on, it should fit snuggly. And if you try to move it, your forehead’s skin should move with it. You should also do the shake test and shake your head. If the helmet moves around, it’s too big. If, however, you feel any pressure or pain at any point then the helmet might be too small for you.

While it’s not conventional, some manufacturers make helmets for multi-purpose use. You should check the manufacturer’s manual beforehand for the activities your helmet is made for.

Wrap up

All of the aforementioned helmets provide great safety standards for your kid so you never have to worry about them taking a tumble during their ski trips. The Vokul, however, is one that stands out for its high functionality and abundance of convenient technologies like the integrated goggle strap.

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