Snow Sports

If you’re looking for information on snow sports or winter activities because the prospect of lounging on a beach is just too boring, then you’ve arrived at the right place. We love the great outdoors and we like to make the most of our free time in it, especially when there’s fresh snow to plough through!

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Winter Sport Injury

How to limit the chances of snow sport injuries

We all love to race down a mountain full of fresh snow but the odds of doing it safely are against us! Forewarned is forearmed as they say!

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Snowboard Binding Types & Setups

Read this article to get clarity on the types of bindings available for snowboarding and their various setups.

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Snowboard binding setups

Snow Sports Gear

Buying the right gear for snow sports is vital not just for comfort but also from a safety aspect too. Snow sports are responsible for a high number of injuries obtained while on vacation, so it’s important to do your research ahead of time. Lucky for you we’ve done much of the leg work for you and broken the information up into easily consumed morcels.

Snowboard Boots

There are an array of boot styles on the market, all geared towards different riding styles. This article walks you through the varying boot attributes and what you should be looking for with some recommendations.

Our top Pick: DC Travis Rice

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Kids Ski / Snowboard Helmets

Children and snow mean just one thing – FUN! This fun can be stressful as a parent as accidents and injury can happen on the slopes. Protection is always advised especially in the form of helmets.

We’ve compiled a shortlist of some of the best out there. We don’t mind which you choose, just make sure they wear one.

Our top Pick: VOKUL

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Best Snowboard Bindings

Want to control your snowboard and be comfortable doing it? Get your snowboard bindings right. This article puts you straight and helps to bring you to a good investment decision.

Our top Pick: Burton Cartel

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Snowboard Bags

Looking for a snowboard bag but don’t know which way to turn? We plough through the marketplace and bring you a shortlist to help expedite your buying decision.

Our top Pick: Burton Wheelie

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Ski / Snowboarding Kneepads

Knees are one of the first points of contact with the ground when you’re slammed forwards. These little protective beauties are worth their weight in gold if there happens to be rock just lurking below the snow surface.

Our top Pick: Demon Hyper

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Snowmobile Handlebar Gauntlets

If you’re looking for the best handlebar gauntlets and mitts for your snowmobile you’re in luck. We’ve scooted through the best available and reviewed a shortlist for you to cast your eyes over.

Top Pick: Kolpin Mitts

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Ski / Snowboard Wrist Guards

It’s a fact that wrist injuries are among the most common type of injuries suffered by skiers and in particular, snowboarders. Simple wrist guards can be the difference between a good and bad winter holiday experience.

Top Pick: Soared Impact

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Ski / Snowboard Locks

You save up all year to buy great gear, search, find and pay for the perfect resort, then get your skis stolen on the first day! That’s a holiday destroyer right there!

Make the minor investment in a decent lock and at least make the thieves work damned hard to get them. Don’t let your belongings be the easy target.

Top Pick: Fat Ski Lock

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Ski / Snowboard Padded Impact Shorts

I remember my first experience of snowboarding and the battering that my body took from the compacted snow. The fluffy powder had long since gone. I vowed to better protect my bruised body next time and invested in some grade-A padding.

Top Pick: Bodyprox

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